Why Intelligent Editing?

Because with a smarter audience …

In the age of the Internet, your readers have a wealth of information at their fingertips. Using this enormous repository of knowledge, people can locate facts on almost any subject with a few keystrokes. Suddenly, your audience is a lot better informed, or they can be, almost instantly.

If there’s an inaccuracy in your manuscript, someone’s going to catch it.

… you need a smarter editor.

headshot of Will DeRooy, Intelligent EditingIntelligent Editing owner and veteran freelancer Will DeRooy will ensure that your readers, your colleagues, and your critics see you as someone who knows what you're talking about: an expert—someone who doesn't make mistakes, even when remarking in passing on topics outside your area of specialization.

He will skillfully prune, reorganize, and refine awkward prose until it makes perfect sense. He will tweak syntax, grammar, and punctuation to help make every sentence eminently readable. He will bring to light the smallest inconsistencies in any manuscript, even across chapters.

He will apply himself diligently to truly understand the text, consider the reader’s point of view, and pose thoughtful questions. That's intelligent editing.

Your readers will trust you, and they will thank you.

* * *

Praise for Intelligent Editing

Will has been described as "thorough," "meticulous," "conscientious," "attentive to details," "an expert," and "a spectacular editor" who "cares tremendously about quality." His work has been called "superb" and "invaluable"; his notes and markup "clear, professional, and easy to understand."

See how several grateful writers have chosen to acknowledge Will.

View Will's LinkedIn profile.View Will's LinkedIn profile.

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